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About us....

Sirius Rocketry is dedicated to preserving some of the legacy of hobby rocketry, those days when kits were something more beautiful than three-fins-and-a-nosecone, and were finished works of art one could be proud to fly. Hand-crafted kits with lots of parts, beautiful and imaginative decals, and the imagination for a wonderful future in space!

I also love the things I saw when I watched the moon landing in 1969, and my late father (James F. Miller, THANK you dad!) brought home an issue of George Flynn's "Model Rocketry" magazine for me to drooooool over. I still prize that issue near and dear to my heart, as well as the ones he brought home for me in the months after! That is where I started, got hooked, and have been a rocket flier ever since. Guess that makes this year my 41st annniversary involved with model rocketry!

I remember these things: Estes classic kits, Centuri, Enerjet, FSI, MRC, AVI, Enertek,Enerjet, the original Semroc (Now revived years later!) Space Age Industries (SAI), CMR (Competition Model Rockets), MPC, (remember G. Harry's Minirocs?) and more...that was the start of rocketry for Dave, and funny, but the 40th anniversary of the moon landing was also the 40th anniversary of my involvement with the hobby. My wife has joined me in the business with the same passion, and folks look forward to seeing Evie at rocketry events and she is part of the larger rocketry family...Pretty cool! Plus, since the hobby is supposed to be fun, we have the cream of the crop in fun kits, accessories, and items meant to give you the quality experience hobby rocketry should be! When we carry other manufacturers, like Flis Kits, or Semroc we carry those kits because they share the same passion, and I tip my hat to them! Often since the hobby is not only "serious," but is supposed to be FUN, you'll find a little humor here and there injected into the website.....hope you are not offended.... so surf the website, have a little fun, explore, dream, order, and FLY! And for our secure online store click the Online Store link to the left. And for more about us, click HERE, and for the latest kit and product news, click HERE.

Thanks Dad for brining that magazine home for me!


About Sirius Rocketry

One of the things that Evie and I decided with Sirius Rocketry being a small business, was that because we were, we would also support other small businesses, so that they can grow as we grow. Many "mom and pop" and small shops pop up around the country, and face it, it is hard to start a business these days, and we try to support other small businesses in every way we can! That is why in all our sourcing, outside work, and contract work, we try to work with as many smaller businesses as we can. We also want to help smaller kit manufacturers that do not have a wide venue to market their kits in, to market to a wider audience. Sirius kits are made with love, with components sourced from small and family businesses, and are put together with a whole lot of love for the hobby. When you buy a Sirius Rocketry kit, you are not only getting a great kit, but you are supporting all the small businesses that we also request services from. Other lines that we carry, Semroc, FlisKits and Top Flight Recovery as just a few examples, are also small businesses that are growing with your support, and have been a great source of innovative products made out of a LOVE for the hobby.

When we do carry a "large manufacturer," we carry what we think is cool, but not always the entire line (although we can special order items from the manufacturers we carry for you if you need something specific). Our Estes kits are hand-selected with the cool factor and the building experience in mind, and because "WE LOVE SCALE" (sm), but we do not intend on carrying the entire line, you can find that in any old hobby shop. We look at the kind of kits we carry with the attitude of what a BAR might want, or someone who wants a satisfying build, or something just a little bit more than three fins and a nosecone. Sirius Rocketry is a reflection of what I love about the hobby, and thus a lot of the products we carry are based on what excites us about the sport. We like competition, we like high power, we like scale, we like futuristic designs, we like good decal sets, we like a satisfying build, and so on. And we like supporting all those small businesses that have that same kind of love for the hobby. With the economy the way it is especially right now, when you order from Sirius Rocketry, you keep all these great manufacturers and kits coming!

We are small business, and just about everyone we work with is small business, and as we grow, they grow, and vice-versa. We love this hobby, and hope to be around for a long long time!

We also do custom work for other rocketry companies. If you are a small rocketry company looking for services, contact us to discuss what we can do.

Something not so serious about Sirius.....and the pronunciation...

Serious...or is that Sirius (they are pronounced the same way) humor (and because we love British comedies, humour too....) about, well, me and my wife....well, the company, cuz that is what we are....

How do you pronounce that thing? Syrus? Supliferous?

Seer-ee-iss. Like the word serious. Seriously.

Now for the education, amateur astronomers that have a telescope already know this, but I don't have a telescope and you probably do not either....

Sirius: pronounced as "serious." The dog star. Other names: Canicula (--No, Canicula Rocketry did not work in 1998, besides it had a wierd and pretty warped Roman feel to it if you know what I mean!) and Aschere (which sounded like the forces ripping off fins at Mach speed...) Brightest star in the sky after the Sun. Over 20 times brighter than the sun, and twice as massive. Not the closest star to us, but only a short 8.6 light years away. What is the closest star? It is Proxima Centauri, the nearest member of the Alpha Centauri triple star system. Light takes only 4.22 years to reach us from Proxima Centauri. In the constellation Canis Major. But that sounded too much like an old model rocket company! (old-timers know who I am talking about) Back to being "serious"... The star Sirius-- Absolute Magnitiude 1.4. Translated as "scorching" (Something one would not really want to do with a model or high-power rocket!) A name for Satellite Radio (used to work in radio but finally got out myself!)

Actually Sirius just played right in with our slogan, and happened to be a celestial object....thus the solar/star theme in our logo, taken from the viewpoint of the setting sun from a satellite planet of Sirius.

Gotta be serious about rocketry (like I have been for 40+ years) to be here in the first place, after all we are: Sirius Rocketry "For the Serious Rocketeer"

See how that works? :-)


How many channels do we have? None. No music here. Unless you love the sound of BP and AP roaring in the morning!

I LOVE that sound! Plus there is no comparison to sniffing spent BP motors...AP just is not quite the same..... :-)

And I DO NOT fix broken radio transmitters anymore! :-)

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