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Refit U.S.S. Atlantis

Prod # S-0010

First in the Sirius Elite Mid-Power Series!

The Atlantis is back after a drydock refit, looking more powerful and sleeker than ever!

Loosely based on an old Estes favorite, this new version of the Atlantis has different looks and a more modern style, as if the original ship went into drydock for a complete overhaul with the latest technology!

Based on David's popular high-power Refit Atlantis model (left), this approximately 1/3 scale model has all the lines and detail of David's original larger model, but is sized perfectly for exciting flights on 24mm D through F motors! Over 37" long and loaded with detail, this beauty is a pleasure to build.

The Refit U.S.S. Atlantis features laser-cut light-ply parts, Kevlar™ Lariat shock cord mount, 24" mylar parachute, and through-the-wall mounting for a sturdy model built to fly on D through F motors!

The kit also includes vacuform detail parts, balsa nose cone, detailed instructions, and lots of dowels, tubes, and parts to make the Refit a pleasurable build. FOUR full-color decal sheets add the final touch of detail to make the Refit Atlantis the pride of your interstellar fleet!

Sirius Rocketry Elite Line Refit U.S.S. Atlantis

P/N S-0010


Online Store.  Shop Securely Online!

Tony Vincent's Refit Atlantis on an AeroTech E18!

Above: The Refit U.S.S. Atlantis at ignition with an Aerotech E18W motor. -Tony Vincent Photo

Refit U.S.S. Atlantis

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Length: Approximately 37"

Diameter: 1.325"

Weight: Approximately 9.0 ounces, dependent on adhesives and finishing.

Features: Lariat Kevlar™ shock cord mount; laser-cut light-plywood fins, detail parts and centering rings; vacuformed plastic detail parts; high-strength/high-visibility mylar parachute; pre-cut dowels; balsa nose cone; and FOUR full-color waterslide decal sheets. Gracefully slow mid-power flights!

Recommended Motors: D12-3 (first flight), D12-5, E15-4W, F12-5J

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Online Store.  Shop Securely Online!

Kevlar™ is a registered trademark of Dupont.

Original High-Power Version

Above: David and the original high-power Refit U.S.S. Atlantis. Refit U.S.S. Atlantis kit is a 1/3 scale version of this model. Click the image above to go to David's personal site for more on the original high-power Atlantis projects!
Photo Courtesy Jon Hatch
Above: Refit U.S.S. Atlantis on a D12!
Photo courtesy Jon Hatch
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