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Mars Exploration Vehicle

Prod # S-0014

With multiple pod cones, simulated rocket nozzle, swept-back fins and realistic decals the Deimos is a beautiful model of a futuristic exploration craft. With laser-cut fins, lots of tubes and nose cones, and trademark Sirius Rocketry step-by-step illustrated manual with tips, the Deimos is fun to build. And the Deimos is even more fun to fly!

With its large size (almost three feet tall) the Deimos is a great demonstration rocket, featuring slow liftoffs and graceful flights. And when you wish to punch it higher, the Deimos is built rugged to accomodate a number of larger 24mm motors and reloads with its heavy-duty thick-wall body tubes and motor mount for flights to over 1100 feet! The large 24" parachute will bring the Deimos gently down to earth.


As usual the Sirius Rocketry Deimos contains LOTS of high-quality full-color waterslide decals to make the Deimos another beautiful Sirius Rocketry kit that is fun to build, display, and fly!

Sirius Rocketry

P/N S-0014


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Bonus: A Lower Roll Pattern cutting/painting guide can be downloaded here to aid in finishing the model.

(89k pdf)

Deimos Beauty Shot - Click to enlarge

"In the mid 21st century, the Mars-Deimos-Phobos International Initiative was formed to pool resources and focus on the exploration of Mars and its satellites. Mars exploration craft like the Deimos were a small part of that exploration fleet."

Click to enlarge

Deimos Parts


Length: 33.1"

Diameter: 2.245"

Weight: Approximately 7.0 ounces, dependent on adhesives and finishing.

Features: 7 balsa nose cones; 1/8" laser-cut hard balsa fins; 1/8" laser-cut plywood centering rings; heavy-wall main body tube and motor mount tube; simulated nozzle; Lariat™ Kevlar™ shock cord mount; 24" parachute; two full-color waterslide decal sheets; step-by-step illustrated manual with building tips.

Recommended Motors: D12-3 (first flight), D15-4T (RMS), E9-4 (calm days), E20-4W, E18-4W (RMS), F12-5J (RMS), F32-4T, F32-6T, F35-5W(RMS)

Skill Level: 2

Kevlar™ is a registered trademark of DuPont.

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