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Mid-Power Interrogator

Prod # S-0012

Latest Addition to the Sirius Elite Mid-Power Series!

The Mid-Power Interrogator Near-Space Fighter is here!

When we were prototyping the Interrogator, we made our test models in two sizes. We could not decide which size to release, so we are releasing them both! Whereas the Interrogator flies great on A-C motors, this Mid-Power version will fly on C all the way up to F motors! The Mid-Power Interrogator is about 36% larger than the standard Interrogator, and features a unique slung fin design, and lightweight paper-laminated fins designed to hold up suprisingly well to the recommended motors...all the way up to one of my favorite D-12 mid-power substitutes, the Aerotech RMS F12 Blackjack! The kit pays homage in subtle ways to some of the "space fighter" kits of old, but has a unique look all it's own. And it does not skimp on the markings! The kit includes LOTS of full-color waterslide decals, in fact one-and-one-half 8-1/2" x 11" sheets worth of decals to make the Interrogator another Sirius Rocketry signature kit!























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Interrogator Size Comparison

Left: Standard Interrogator Right: Mid-Power version

Not shown: NEW even larger Mid/High Power Interrogator G!


Length: 27.0"

Diameter: 1.637"

Weight: Approximately 4.5 ounces, dependent on adhesives and finishing.

Features: Lariat Kevlar™ shock cord mount; high-strength/high-visibility 18" mylar parachute with Kevlar™ shroud lines; pre-cut dowels; unique straddled fin configuration; new photo-illustrated manual and THREE full-color waterslide decal sheets.

Recommended Motors: C11-3, D12-5, AT E15-7, RMS E18-7, RMS F12-5
(requires 3/16" launch rod)

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