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S.S. Cestris

Interplanetary Transport Vehicle

Prod # S-0013

The S.S. Cestris Interplanetary Transport Vehicle carries the idea of intermodal transport one step further - into outer space!

The Sirius Rocketry model of the S.S. Cestris is a fun model to build and fly. From the highly-detailed vacu-formed "Command Cone" to the belly-mounted scramjets, the Cestris is loaded with lots of looks and plenty of detail.

Unique to the Sirius Rocketry S.S. Cestris model is its options for customization. We include six different decals for the two cargo pods, so you can choose your own "cargo" for the Cestris.

There are also six different fleet numbers released in the decals for this kit (one included with each kit), so many different decal combinations are possible!

As usual the Sirius Rocketry S.S. Cestris contains LOTS of high-quality full-color waterslide decals to make the Cestris another beautifully detailed Sirius Rocketry kit to build, display, and fly!

Sirius Rocketry
S.S. Cestris

P/N S-0013

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"Beginning in the late 21st Century, the growing commercialization of space created a great demand for the regular and reliable transportation of cargo and passengers. The Cestris class of interplanetary transport vehicles were the workhorses of the fleet, part of an intermodal transport system that used ”Interplanetainer” modular containers to move cargo, ferry space tourists, generate power, supply research bases and much more. The Interplanetainers could be carried on train, truck, ship, and space cargo transport. Some cargo containers could also be magnetically accelerated into space by launchers located on the moon, where they would be picked up in orbit, allowing for longer-distance cargo missions. The Cestris class ships could carry two Interplanetainers each, and work hard to supply the demand created by humankind’s reach into the solar system."


Length: 23"

Diameter: 1.325"

Weight: Approximately 4.4 ounces, dependent on adhesives and finishing.

Features: Lariat Kevlar™ shock cord mount; highly-detailed vacuformed plastic nosecone kit; high-strength/high-visibility 18" diameter Mylar™ parachute; pre-cut dowels; multiple selections of decals to make your version unique contained on THREE full-color waterslide decal sheets.

Recommended Motors: C11-3, D12-5 (first flight),
AT E15-7(single use), AT E18-7 (RMS), AT F12-5 (RMS)

Skill Level: 3


Kevlar™ and Mylar™ are registered trademarks of Dupont.

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