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Sirius Rocketry manufactures our own line of quality kits, in addition to the best of the rest that we carry in our secure Online Store.
Our latest, the Eradicator, is the second kit in our Transition Series. Transition Series kits are just that - kits that are designed to help you transition from model rocketry into high-power rocketry with one kit. The Eradicator is a large rocket kit that can comfortably fly on F motors, yet is built with features that make it great for level 1 high-power certification flights. The military missile/sounding rocket stylings of the Eradicator as well as the strake/ring/tail fin configuration make for a model that is both beautiful on display and in flight!
Sirius Rocketry Transition Series Eradicator kit


The Deimos is a beautiful, futuristic Mars explorer with beautiful graceful lines and even more beautiful flights! The Deimos stands almost 3 feet tall and is a great demo bird. The Deimos flies on D through F motors and with its large size, slow takeoffs, large 24" parachute and loads of detail the Deimos is sure to be a crowd pleaser!

Deimos Kit

The S.S. Cestris Interplanetary Transport Vehicle sports a highly-detailed vacuformed nosecone, lots of decaling options and is one of the most popular kits in the Sirius Rocketry fleet.

S.S. Cestris Kit

One of our most popular releases is the Interrogator kit. Well, Kits. Kits? Yup. We could not decide on a scale, so we released three sizes! Our standard Interrogator is perfect for A through C Motors, and our Elite Line Mid-Power Interrogator flies great on D through F motors. The Interrogator G flies great on 29mm F and G motors and can also be used for Level 1 Certification flights with an H motor!

Standard Interrogator

Mid-Power Interrogator

Interrogator G

Interrogator Kits

Part of our new Transition Series, the Interrogator G is the big brother of the standard Interrogators and can fly on eveything from F to H motors. Perfect for those who want an eye-catching model to fly on model rocket motors, and then use to transition into a Level 1 high-power rocketry certification! Includes many great high-power rocket features, and loads of the detail decals Sirius Rocketry is famous for to make the Interrogator G snap!

Interrogator G Kit

Our first, and hugely successful release in our regular kit line was the Refit U.S.S. Atlantis. Loads of detail and an example of the quality Sirius Rocketry kits are known for!

Refit U.S.S. Atlantis Kit

The Sirius Scale line includes the 1:64 Sirius Rocketry Saturn 5 kit, in production since 1998, and the accessory/replacement 1:64 Apollo Capsule and Escape Tower Kit. Incredibly detailed flying scale from Sirius Rocketry!


1:64 Saturn V Kit
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Don't forget that in addition to our unique line of Sirius Rocketry kits, Sirius Rocketry also carries a large line of rocketry products in our secure Online Store, like our famous decal sets, tools, model rocket and high-power motors, plastic models, Moldin' Oldies parts, Estes parts, bulk parts, specials and more! We also carry the best of the rest of the rest, like our specially-selected items from AeroTech, Semroc, Rocketarium, ASP, Estes, Custon, Quest, Top Flight Recovery, X-Acto, Jolly Logic and MANY, MANY MORE!

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