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Updated March 7, 2013

For Sirius Rocketry news and info check out the Sirius Rocketry Blog at blog.siriusrocketry.com. This, in addition to the Facebook page here and the newer Twitter feeds at @SiriusRocketry will be the new ways we disseminate information that we used to on this page.

Reasons: it is easier, less static HTML to do. People can easily share the information with others that they think may find it interesting. Nowadays, it is realtively simple to send a feed to multiple sources with one post, and not have to have the immediate use of my webbuilding software, which I do not always have handy with me. That alone should help to allow more frequent posting. It is my intent to share a little Sirius Rocketry history, general rocket nostalgia and many more items of interest on this blog. And I can still save time over this static news page. With how busy Sirius Rocketry can keep me, any time saved is time that can be spent on working on new kits and products! Won't you join us ans spread the word?

Updated February 28, 2013

Another reminder that most Sirius Rocketry news these days does not appear here on the News Page, but on the Sirius Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/SiriusRocketryLLC) and it will soon also be appearing on another source that will be launching in the next month or so. This particular news page will eventually be retired from the website.

Been working on tons of things, and another kit release is imminent. Manuals are done, kits are bagged, just working on all the final promotional and physical things like webpages, announcements, ads, etc. Then it is simply on to the next kit project...

David never sleeps....

Updated September 14, 2011

You have not seen a lot of news on this page lately, but that does not mean that there has not been a lot going on at Sirius Rocketry! This year has been our best ever and we have added (and are in the process of adding) many more products and product lines in the store to give you a better selection than ever before! Most of our updating with news items and such these days is via our Facebook page and our newsletter, so make sure you like our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/SiriusRocketryLLC. If you do not subscribe to our e-mail newsletter, you can sign up for an account in our store, than opt-in to receive the newsletter at signup. You have to opt-in to receive the newsletter, and you can opt-out by going back to your account in the store and changing your settings at any time.

We have recently added lots of new product, with loads more on the way! We welcome Red River Rocketry as one of our latest additions to the Sirius Rocketry Store! I have also been working hard on the next round of Sirius Rocketry kit releases, just finally getting out of the protoype stages and into the final production stages. I have been working on several kits simultaneously so the releases have taken a while, but when they finally arrive you will agree that they were worth the wait!

If you have not been to the store in a while, please stop by! We have doubled our size in the last few months, and have lots more great reasons for you to shop Sirius Rocketry!

Thanks for a great year!


Updated November 11, 2010

We are proud to be adding Public Missiles, Ltd. (PML) kits to the Sirius Rocketry Online Store. These kits are a great way to get into high-power rocketry. With features like easy-to-finish Quantum Tube (no spirals to fill!), piston ejection systems (no wadding), and durable G-10 fiberglass fins, PML are fun to build and easy to fly!

Updated October 13, 2010

Sirius Rocketry now has a presence on Facebook where we will post interesting items from time to time. Find us on Facebook and tell your other rocketry friends about us! As always, major news items will be posted here, but you may find more frequent announcements, internet specials and many other items of interest at the Sirius Rocketry Online Store on Facebook. "Like" the Sirius Rocketry Online Store today!

Facebook "like" buttons have also been added to the product pages in the Online Store. If you are shopping, have an account on Facebook, and you like one of the products you are seeing, you can click on the like button to share the product information with your Facebook friends!

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Updated October 13, 2010

Aertoech HPR G Metalstorms and new Delay Adjustment Tools now available in the Online Store!

Updated October 1st, 2010

We have added lots of new products, including several new Moldin' Oldies products, an expanded Estes and Estes parts selection, new items from AeroTech, and Military Mid-Power kits from The Launch Pad among many other items! If you have not stopped by the online store lately, come and see what's new!

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Updated June 7, 2010

The New Sirius Rocketry Deimos Kit!

Click to go to Deimos Info Page

Sirius Rocketry has released its latest offering, the Deimos. Named after the outermost moon of Mars, the Deimos (pronounced DAY-mose*) represents a Mars exploration craft of the future with a nod to fluid designs of the past. The Sirius Rocketry Deimos is designed to fly on D through F motors and it includes many deluxe features such as laser-cut parts and heavy-wall body tubes. The Deimos is easy to build, and makes a great demo model with its slow, realistic takeoffs and large size (almost three feet tall).

More information on the Deimos can be found on its webpage and it can be ordered at a special introductory price in the Online Store.

     *One of several accepted pronunciations of the Martian moon, this is our preferred one for referring to the kit.

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Updated November 18, 2009

AeroTech High-Power RMS Reloads now shipping from Sirius Rocketry!

In addition to the AeroTech Hobby Line Motors, we are now shipping AeroTech High-Power motors and reloads! And, AeroTech has announced price reductions on HPR motors due to finding several sources of economical AP. Prices on AeroTech High-Power motors are lower than they have been in years! Sirius Rocketry is initially stocking 29mm, 38mm, and selected 54mm motors, but we can also special order anything from AeroTech for you, just write or call.

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Updated August 22, 2009

Saturn Showcase Winners at NARAM-51

Jerry Little, Saturn Showcase grand prize winner with two of his Apollo entries

The Saturn Showcase at NARAM-51 was a success! Many people flew their Apollo-Related models during the flight window to get a chance in the drawing for over 400 dollars worth of great prizes. We enjoyed seeing all the Apollo models fly in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the moon landing, and fun was had by all who flew in this much-anticipated event.

Congratulations to all the prize winners of the prizes listed below:

  • Sirius Rocketry $100 Shopping Spree: Jerry Little (Jerry promptly put is certificate towards the purchase of the Sirius Rocketry 1:64 Saturn V. Congratulations Jerry!
  • Sirius Rocketry Refit U.S.S.Atlantis Kit: Paul Miller
  • Starlight Model Rockets Builder's Special Parts Kit: Tim Bookwalter
  • Flis Kits 1:282 Saturn 1B: James Bookwalter
  • Semroc Astronautics Saturn 1B: John Partridge
  • NARTS Saturn CD Data Set: Jerry Kraus
  • Red River Rocketry Diamond Ring: Tim Bookwalter
  • Dr. Zooch Saturn 1B: James Bookwalter
  • Starlight Model Rockets JayHawk: Craig Zicafoose
  • NARTS Saturn Blueprint Set: James Bookwalter
  • Sirius Rocketry Detail Decal Sheet: John Partridge
  • Sirius Rocketry Detail Decal Sheet: Chan Stevens
  • Sirius Rocketry Detail Decal Sheet: James Bookwalter
  • Sirius Rocketry Detail Decal Sheet: George Pike
  • Sirius Rocketry Detail Decal Sheet: Jerry Little

Our special thanks also go out to all our very good friends who also contributed prizes to help make this an even better and much anticipated event:

Starlight Model Rockets
Flis Kits
Semroc Astronautics
Red River Rocketry
Dr. Zooch

Thank you all!

Craig Zicafoose with his Little Joe II entry

Chan Stevens and "fistfuls of Saturns" to fly for the Saturn Showcase

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Updated June 5, 2009

10th Anniversary Kit:
Interrogator G released at the National Sport Launch May 23-25 2009.

Sirius Rocketry has announced its first kit of 2009, the official 10th anniversary kit Interrogator G at the National Sport Launch 2009 over Memorial Day weekend in southern Wisconsin. WOOSH ran a great launch, and a top-notch national event! Several lucky folks won Sirius Rocketry kits, but the best surprise news was all about the brand-new Interrogator G kit that we brought to the launch. Our initial supply sold out by the end of the weekend.

This kit is based on requests to make the Interrogator even larger, but also based on a new series of kits we wanted to produce. Kits that could take one from mid-power to high-power rocketry with the same kit. The Interrogator G can do just that. It is not only an Interrogator "G", but an Interrogator "F" and an Interrogator "H". A kit that can comfortably fly on standard as well as high-power motors with equal grace and style, while at the same time impressing everyone with that marvelous "not three-fins-and-a-nosecone look".

More information on the Interrogator G can be found on its webpage and it can be ordered in the Online Store.

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AeroTech Motors Now Available in the Online Store!

We have had our Hazmat shipping set up for a while now, but it took a little while to get all the different AeroTech SKU's into the online store. The good news is that AeroTech motors are now available in the Online Store! Many of the motors can be shipped USPS Parcel Post, and for those that cannot, we can ship FedEx Hazmat.

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Updated May 27, 2009

The National Sport Launch sponsored by WOOSH was a whole lot of fun! Kudos to the Wisconsin Organization Of Spacemodeling Hobbyists for putting on their fourth national event (three NARCONs previously) with the same flair and professionalism as the ones before. We had a great time, and it was great meeting old friends, and it was great to meet a lot of new faces! We had a chance to demo our new kit, and sold a few of them there as well to eager "early adopters". The new kit announced at NSL will be available here very shortly.

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Updated March 26, 2009

Bring out your Apollo-related rockets and fly them to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Apollo 11 during the Saturn Showcase/Apollo Commemorative Launch from 2pm-5pm Sunday, August 9th during the Sport Flying Weekend of NARAM-51 in Johnstown PA. Each Apollo/Saturn related flight during this event (brought to you by Sirius Rocketry) will be entered in a drawing for prizes including a $100.00 Sirius Rocketry shopping spree, a Refit USS Atlantis kit valued at $59.95, Sirius Rocketry Detail Decal Sheets and more! Your Apollo-Saturn related flight can be of any Saturn vehicle (I, IB, V), Apollo Spacecraft (LM, CM/SM), or Apollo test article (Such as the LES pad abort test flight or Apollo Little Joe II). Painted, unpainted, plastic model conversion, low power, high power models are all welcome as we celebrate the equipment that helped get us to the moon 40 years ago. Models must be flown between 2pm and 5pm on Sunday, and each flight receives one entry in the drawing. The more models you fly the more chances you get! We are working on adding even more prizes to make this event a fun one for all!

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Updated January 22, 2009

Going to be seeing this logo a bit this year. Believe it or not, Sirius Rocketry is celebrating its 10th year as an LLC company. The official company anniversary date is February 15, 2009. Although Sirius was a concept and a pending kit late in 1998, the company got "sirius" in early 1999 with a brand-new website, a great Saturn kit, and products from AeroTech, Vaughn Brothers Rocketry, Robby's Rockets, Rocket R&D and others. Some of these companies are not around anymore. And now here we are approaching the 10th anniversary with some new kits in the works this year, renewed alliances, and more!

Been rather busy lately, and to you, I am thankful for you keeping us that way. You have helped us survive 10 years in an up-down economy. And because of your support, this new year is going to be better than any year before. We'll be announcing some special things and giveaways for the anniversary this year, and have a few other special things in store.

On the tour schedule this year among other things we have planned is the NAR National Sport Launch, which is being held in our stomping ground this year, like several NARCON's that WOOSH hosted in the past. Plan on being there, and we'll have lots of stuff for you. NARAM 51 sport weekend is also on the agenda for this year, as well as several WOOSH launches and LARS launches.


AeroTech is back with us as well. Considering AeroTech was with us in the beginning, and that they have been instrumental in promoting composite-powered rocketry for a long time, I am happy to announce that AeroTech hobby line motors and reloads will be shipping soon from Sirius Rocketry and we are glad to have them back. Even better is the fact that we have all the permissions to ship the entire hobby line. Just about all of our kits have AT motors among the recommended motors, so those will be available, and we even have all the things together we need to do to be able to ship the HAZMAT hobby line motors.


Moldin' Oldies has shipped lots of cones and parts in the last six months. Now additional items will be coming to the store as well.

I want to re-emphasize that the main focus of the Moldin' Oldies releases will be reproducing complicated/non-standard parts. Reason I mention this is that a lot of the cones/parts we have made have went real fast. Soon after that folks have been asking us if we would make more simple cones that have been availble in balsa from other manufacturers. The whole goal of Moldin' Oldies was to make available those cones that could not be easily reproduced, and not the cones that have been reproduced in balsa or other materials. To try and make any of the other cones would be rather anti-productive and especially cost prohibitive. Most of the cones we have been asked to make are available in balsa either via BMS or Semroc. Those that cannot be done so easily, those are the priority for us and those are the ones that we are offering first, and will be adding to in the future.

In that light, the next cones to come to the store are the Scud nose cone, and the 1/100 capsule and escape tower available seperately from the Saturn V retrofit kit for all those that need a cone for a replacement on a Satrun 1B or to scratch a Little Joe. More are on the way as time permits.

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Older News...

Older news items and photos have been moved to the News Archive page. (Lots of older, but interesting items, may take a while to load.)

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