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Sirius Rocketry is a growing business. In our other profession, we service computer networks and are well aware of the risks to privacy that unscrupulous people take advantage of. Our webstore is secured with encryption, and we do not share your information with third parties.

We do ask for your e-mail address and telephone number when placing an order, that is so that our automated system can send you an order confirmation within moments of placing an order, and if there is a question about your order we can contact you either by email or telephone (telephone numbers are also required for HAZMAT shipments). With the email, you have a record of the order, and you know that our system received it. We do not sell and will never sell e-mail addresses or telephone numbers in any way, because at Sirius, we LOVE Scale, but HATE SPAM! No one should ever get an e-mail that takes up their internet bandwidth that they pay for, and we believe that spam should be regulated like the junk fax, where people were upset because they had to pay for the paper to recieve unsolicited ads. You pay for your bandwidth, and we will not use it to send a mail unless you want us to (opt-in).

We do give you an option to opt-in to a mailing list in our online store, but also give you the option to quit the list if you think our newsletters are useless in the store as well. We promise to not send more than one or two e-mails a month if you do choose to subscribe, and you can be removed at any time.

We do only use your e-mail address to send a confirmation and tracking information (if available) when your order is shipped, or to contact you if there are any problems with or questions about your order. The telephone number is only used if we need to contact you for more information on your order and for HAZMAT shipments - we do not telemarket to your phone, nor give away or sell the information.

Our promise to you:

Make sure your online order is safe as can be.

Do not sell e-mail or any other personal information.

Opt-in is available at any time to our lists, and opt-out is also available once subscribed.

WE HATE SPAM.... But...we LOVE SCALE...and MORE!

If you feel more comfortable ordering through the mail, our printable orderform is available here in pdf format.

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