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AeroTech High-Power Motors up through 98mm M are now available in addition to AeroTech Hobby Line and Estes-Quest Motors in the Online Store!
AeroTech 98mm also available for special pre-order prices!

Our Kits:

The Sirius Rocketry Eradicator

The Sirius Rocketry Deimos

The Sirius Rocketry S.S. Cestris

The Sirius Rocketry Interrogator

The Sirius Rocketry Mid-Power Interrogator

The Sirius Rocketry Refit U.S.S. Atlantis

The Sirius Rocketry HPR 1:64 Super-Scale Saturn V

The Sirius Rocketry Interrogator G

Moldin' Oldies classic cone reprodution products are in the webstore as well as new original cones, but as always quantities are limited.

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Selected scale plastic models and selected Sci-Fi plastic models now available as long as they last!

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WELCOME to the home of Sirius Rocketry, a new experience in hobby rocketry on the web! Those of you who already know us know we are dedicated to serving the hobbyist with not only our own line of craftsman kits, but with other kits and accessories that enhance the hobby rocketry experience. Those of you who do not know us yet, welcome!


Sirius Rocketry was founded in 1998 and became an LLC company in 1999 due to many requests from Midwest rocket hobbyists who wanted to see some of the quality work of Sirius Rocketry's founder, longtime NAR and Tripoli member David J. Miller, made available to the public. Lotos of folks started saying: "You gotta make some kits!"

Sirius Rocketry's crown jewel is the 1:64 scale flying Saturn 5, one of the most accurate flying models of the Apollo 11 launch vehicle ever made! The first prototype hit the skies in 1998, and was designed as a kit from the start. Click on the "Saturns" button to find out more about this exciting limited-edition kit. We do them in batches, so when they are available, that is the time to get them because from day one, they have sold fast!

Above: Part of the Sirius Rocketry fleet, the Refit U.S.S. Atlantis, the Interrogator, and the S.S. Cestris.


Sirius Rocketry is dedicated to preserving some of the legacy of hobby rocketry, those days when kits were something more beautiful than three-fins-and-a-nosecone, and were finished works of art one could be proud to fly. Hand-crafted kits with lots of parts, beautiful and imaginative decals, and the hope of a wonderful future in space! Sirius Rocketry is also features the "best of the rest", and ever-expanding selection of great kits, motors and supplies from the hobby's most innovative and creative companies.

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We accept VISA, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express to make your online shopping experience as convenient as it can be! And secure 256-bit SSL encryption makes it safe! Or you can always order the old-fashioned way with check or money order by mail, allowing a few extra days for checks to clear. In the Midwest, look for us at launches! Step inside, and visit often, and see every day why it will be Sirius Rocketry, For the SERIOUS Rocketeer!sm

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Below: Our first banner from the opening of our website in 1999 looks a little dated now (pixels and bits were more expensive then), but still gets the Saturn V message across!

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